Welcome To Helena Walsh Voice Studio
This is a voice studio for anyone interested in connecting more deeply to the potential in their voice.

My Belief as a voice coach

In learning to become more deeply connected to who you are and how you express who you are, who your character is, you can stand up for much more than just, your voice, but the voice of a generation, past, present and future. Awareness wakes us up to the power within ourselves to choose to change what we say and how we react in any given situation.

My Voice Coaching Work

I work with actors for stage and screen, professionals who wish to improve their communication, presentation or public speaking abilities as well as working with people interested in personal growth.

Classes & Training for Individuals & Groups

One to one sessions: (1 to 1.5 hrs), specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual working as performer, professional or on self improvement. See more

Group classes: These follow a curriculum usually over a ten-week schedule. These classes work on breath, alignment, posture, nerves, resonance, pitch, tone, vocal range, vocal fatigue or vocal damage etc. Group classes are available for professionals on self-improvement and how to become more successful and empowered in their lives and working environment. See more

Dialect and Accent Work: for individuals and groups. For national and international clients, one to ones and group classes on clarity of thought and articulation. See more

Dialect and Accent work: for individuals and groups. For national and international clients, one to ones and group classes on clarity of thought and articulation. Accent and dialects.

Public Speaking and Presentation skills for Business: I work with presence, connection to oneself, the material and the audience. I teach skills to effectively manage nerves and to improve speaking performance and impact as well as becoming a more connected and dynamic communicator. See more

Corporate Work: Transforming performance in corporate environments through Curiosity, Self Awareness, Listening and Presence through developing skills to connect to the self, your colleagues and your organisation. See more

Free Listening Project: Everyone has a right to be heard and the message behind this movement is compassionate and non-judgmental listening, to give a person your full attention irrespective of their opinion and meet them as an equal and that what they have to say matters. See more



Helena Walsh is an exceptional and inspirational voice and body coach. If intense dedicated training is what you are after, that gets incredible, sustainable results, then Helena is who you want.


Helena is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her approach is gentle, inspiring and facilitates deep healing through a combination of techniques which enhances awareness and deepens our sense of self. I’m very grateful to Helena for bringing Fitzmaurice Voicework to Ireland and into my life.

- Karine Daisin

Helena is one of the most amazing women and teachers I have ever met. Working with her was literally life changing and there was never a moment that was wasted. Truly inspirational and wonderful. I will be forever grateful to have worked with this woman.

- Sinead Fox, actress

I am filled with joy knowing that Helena Walsh is teaching Fitzmaurice Voicework in Ireland. She is a soulful teacher who embodies insight and compassion in equal measure.

- Saul Fitzmaurice Kotzubei – Director, The Fitzmaurice Institute

Helena not only is an exceptional person, but also an extraordinary teacher. Her love, patience and understanding is second to none. No matter what you're background, be it film or theatre, Helena will always be able to dig deeper with you and enable you to discover so much more about yourself, and your craft.

- Killian Coyle actor & producer

Helena is an incredible teacher and person. Her work inspires her students towards more confident, honest, and grounded communication and performance. Students are safe and supported when they are in her classes. Couldn't recommend her more.

- Aoife Eileen Spillane-Hinks, Director & Acting Teacher

An inspiring and nourishing teacher. I have learned so much from her.

- Lousie O’Meara