Corporate Work

My Work As a Corporate Coach

Committed and passionate about creating work environments where self awareness, listening, compassion and presence are the pillars on which the human pulse of an organisation is felt.  I truly believe this results in a more dynamic, empowered, creative and successful company.

We are living in extraordinary times that require each individual and each organisation to have the skills to empower themselves to become present so that, that presence inspires an organisation to become more than it ever imagined.

Empowered Performance for Business & Organisations

In my offering, there are 4 pillars that inspire and transform performance: Curiosity, Self Awareness, Listening and Presence.

These are experienced through developing skills to connect to the self, your colleagues and your organisation.

1 Curiosity:  Your ability to experience your own humanity is your greatest asset.  Knowing how to inspire, motivate and remain curious will enhance your ability to do it for others and the community.

2 Self Awareness: Moving from self consciousness to self awareness; the more potential you notice in yourself, the easier it will be to notice how to empower others.

3 Listening: Teaching yourself, your staff, your organisation how to listen to themselves and the other is a simple yet transformative skill that will enable you and your company to thrive in a healthy, creative and inspired environment, where each individual feels seen and heard.

4 Presence: Learning to become more aware of yourself, the room and the audience and from this place, become a vibrant and empowered speaker.


If you would like to speak to me to discuss what I can bring to your organisation, please mail me and I’d be delighted to arrange a call:

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Helena is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her approach is gentle, inspiring and facilitates deep healing through a combination of techniques which enhances awareness and deepens our sense of self. I’m very grateful to Helena for bringing Fitzmaurice Voicework to Ireland and into my life.

- Karine Daisin

Helena not only is an exceptional person, but also an extraordinary teacher. Her love, patience and understanding is second to none. No matter what you're background, be it film or theatre, Helena will always be able to dig deeper with you and enable you to discover so much more about yourself, and your craft.

- Killian Coyle actor & producer