Listening Beyond Borders


The 5th International Freedom & Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference: listening beyond borders takes place July 20 -24, 2018. London, England.

For more information on this huge event, see www.facebook.com/freedomandfocusconference/ Or book tickets here at www.freedomandfocusconference.org/.

Originated by Catherine Fitzmaurice, Fitzmaurice Voicework® explores the dynamics between body, breath, voice, imagination, language, and presence. Integrating physical experience and mental focus, the work develops vibrant voices that communicate intention and feeling without excess effort.

The Freedom and Focus Conference brings together teachers and artists from around the world to present public workshops and performances that demonstrate the breadth and depth of Fitzmaurice Voicework® practices throughout the world. To learn more see: www.fitzmauricevoice.com.


My Belief
Love and tenderness creates powerful long lasting change in the Human Being. “Love” is the most radical act we have right now to grow as human beings, be that individually, collectively or in the corporate world. It is the foundation on which all inspiration and creativity flows from and is supported by. If you create a learning environment where people can fail and learn to trust that failure, this is where learning is and that making a mistake will guide them in another direction, then something unique and innovative will be born. We are a community of forty-two teachers, practitioners and artists dedicated to making change first in ourselves and then from that in others and our communities. We are all connected through the work of Catherine Fitzmaurice, which is built on compassion, curiosity, listening and rigour. She is an exceptional human being who has devoted her life to opening the hearts of others so their stories could be seen and heard. She is truly an inspiration to me and all those who come in contact with her humble, brilliant, loving and unique self. I feel grateful to be part of this moment in history where all through Europe there are challenges that ask us to look to our humanity to find the compassion to be with this moment, to connect more deeply to one another. We are in a humanitarian awakening. Waking up to the present moment and all we need to do is be with and work with, what and who is in front of us. This is what our community of European Fitzmaurice Voicework Teachers are working to do, in the fifteen countries they are now living in and sharing this work. It is our collective desire to dissolve inner and our boundaries through song and embodied voice work, to facilitate stories to be released from oppressed communities and traumatized bodies. We do this so that healing through the voice can occur. If this feels good to you come join us in London in 2018 to taste a fuller experience of this work.

Helena Walsh, 
European Director of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute
On behalf of The European Fitzmaurice Voicework Community