Helena Walsh
International Voice and Acting Coach for Actors, Communicators & Professionals
European Director of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute
Delivering over twenty years experience of teaching and training actors and non-actors for stage, screen and their professional lives.

Helena Walsh is an International Voice, Acting and Empowerment Coach.  She is one of the world’s leading teachers in the film and theatre industry for actors, preparing them for screen and stage alike. Over the past 30 years, through a rigorous practice and deeply experiential research with her actors in the room, she has developed her own evolutionary and transformative approach to the acting process.  Helena has taught and hosted workshops all over the world, in some of the finest actor training programmes in the world for stage and screen. She is Artistic Director and founder of ‘Helena Walsh Voice and Acting Studio’,based in Dublin, Ireland.  She has now moved her entire studio online, where actors zoom in from all over the world to work with her.  She invites some of the finest international teachers in the industry to co-teach with her at her studio and regularly hosts retreats in Ireland with Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting.  


She has trained and performed as an actress and singer and worked extensively through the work of Roy Hart over the past twenty years. Helena is also a Human Empowerment and Resiliency Organic Intelligence® Consultant, working deeply with anxiety, stress and PTSD. Helena is immersed in the neuroscience of the creative process and particularly interested in Neurosystemics.  Currently her research is focussed on the evolution of the collective consciousness of teams and groups within the arts and the corporate world towards a more collaborative, compassionate and empathetic process and work environment.


Helena also leads a “ Free Listening,” project which she hosts weekly in Dublin as part of the Urban Confessional Movement worldwide.


Languages: English

Specializations:  Acting, Speech & Dialects, Human Empowerment, Wellbeing & Resiliency Coaching, Collective Consciousness Coach



Helena is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her approach is gentle, inspiring and facilitates deep healing through a combination of techniques which enhances awareness and deepens our sense of self. I’m very grateful to Helena for bringing Fitzmaurice Voicework to Ireland and into my life.

- Karine Daisin

I am filled with joy knowing that Helena Walsh is teaching Fitzmaurice Voicework in Ireland. She is a soulful teacher who embodies insight and compassion in equal measure.

- Saul Fitzmaurice Kotzubei – Director, The Fitzmaurice Institute