The Actor's Practice

Advanced Actor Training

Creating the Integrated Actor


“The Actor’s Practice is the most nuanced actor training I’ve done. I’d recommend her courses to anyone who is pursuing authentic expression in their craft. “
~ Michael King, Actor

💫 This part-time 10 week advanced actor training practice uses Fitzmaurice Voicework, Organic Intelligence and other leading voice and body methods with Helena Walsh covering
👉 Monologues
👉 Scene Work
👉 Audition Technique
👉 Character Building for Stage & Screen.

We will use these techniques to build resilience in the mind & body so that the imagination can be free to create a more energised and vibrant sense of self, character & story telling. This resilience will make it easier to risk in life, in an audition, in the rehearsal room, on set & on stage.





*EVENING COURSE: 6.30PM TO 9.30PM (12 Weeks)

There is a week break from 21st to the 25th October. Acting Masterclass with Benjamin Mathes in person 16th – 18th October. Not only that, Ben will also be joining us live from L.A. for 4 weeks to give his “You The Career” workshop to help you totally rethink how you grow your career in what is one of the most demanding industries in the world so that you stay in control!

* The course duration is 120 hours in total and the evening course will run until 13th December & there will be two one day workshops from 10am to 5pm on Sunday November 24th & December 1st for the evening course participants *



The Actor’s Practice is an experiential process from which the individual builds an intimate relationship with their unique creative process and being. It is about the actors evolution and transformation through their life and art, so they embody their craft in a way that can affect change on themselves, others and their community, driven by their own authentic & unique core beliefs

These 10 weeks will explore your communication and connection with yourself, your character and your scene partner. The work on self will be the anchor, the inspiration from which character will emerge and expression with the other will be enlivened. The work will begin a dialogue between you, your creative process and your relationship with society as a whole.



👉 Fight / Flight / Freeze response / Personal & Performance Anxiety.
👉 Self Empowerment & Mental Well Being.
👉 How to be a healthy actor in mind & Body
👉 Increased Creativity through working with flow & energy in the body and connecting that to monologue & scene work.
👉 Having a Practice and a Process you can apply to your life and your art.
👉How to build a character in your own subtle and unique way
👉 Learning to embrace failure as a moment for potential and growth.
👉 Learning to trust your own creative impulses so that you can feel more comfortable in the unknown and therefore offer a director your own unique interpretation of any given moment.
👉 There is no communication apart from listening. Listening is the foundation on which all communication of self & story is built and you will learn skills to become more aware of the power of your own listening to yourself, your characters, scene partners & others.

As European Director of The Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute, an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London and holding a certificate in Roy Hart Training, Helena Walsh is the Artistic Director and founder of Helena Walsh Voice and Acting Studio in Temple Bar, Dublin.

As a leader who believes in bringing people from all over the world together and creating a space where they can feel empowered to have their unique voice heard, Helena has been co-director of The Fourth & Fifth International Freedom & Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference in Dublin 2016 & London 2018. She also holds the role of Director of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Community in Europe.

Over the past twenty years, she has taught extensively at Bow Street Film School,The Gaiety School of Acting, the National Theatre School of Ireland; Trinity College Dublin on the BA in Acting, and University College Cork on the B.A in Theatre Studies. Internationally she has taught at NYU’s overseas theatre programme for ten years consecutively; Eolia Conservatory Of Dramatic Arts, Barcelona; China at Shanghai Theatre Academy; The Accademia Dell’Arte, Tuscany, Italy; The Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and T.V. in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and UCLA, California.

Helena is currently training in Organic Intelligence in Switzerland on their Human Empowerment and Resilience Training Programme, which works on PTSD, Anxiety & Stress offering tools to help clients and students move beyond trauma, integrating it into their lives and using it as a source of empowerment. She designs well-being programmes for the corporate world and works with start ups and corporations like Google. She is moderator on Organic Intelligence’s “End of Trauma” on -line course, a practical eight week course .

As an acting instructor, Benjamin has taught or been on faculty at Auburn University, Cal State Northridge, University of San Diego, University of Lima, Peru, Catholic University of Lima, Theatre of Arts in Hollywood, UC Irvine, Arizona State University, Western Michigan University, and the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab. He is a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and has served as a vocal and dialect coach for major motion pictures, network television, and theatres around the country.

Benjamin is the author of three books detailing and investigating the creative process, including bestselling book You, the Career: The Path to Artistic and Professional Alignment. A holistic, practical guide, You, the Career will challenge, excite, and ground you in yourself—your most valuable asset. His first book Thought Lozenges for Artists, is a daringly optimistic, “open-where-you-want” look into the creative process, and the second, CRASH {Unstuck Yourself}, is a guided journal designed to directly combat the blocks holding us from our creative potential.

To find out more about Benjamin Mathes and his inspiring teaching and approach to life in general take a look at his website.

Benjamin also is founder and director of urban confessional _- A Free Listening Movement . www.urbanconfessional.org.