Advanced Actor Training (online)

The Actor’s Practice

Helena Walsh Voice and Acting Studio, in collaboration with one of L.A.’s top Acting Coaches, Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting & Chris Edmund, celebrity coach & trainer to stars like Hugh Jackman is excited to offer our advanced actor training in Dublin

April 22nd to June 26th 2020

All of our previous courses in Ireland and workshops in L.A. have all SOLD OUT.  To get on our waitlist, click here and send an email.

Course Details

This part-time 10 week online advanced actor training practice uses Fitzmaurice Voicework, Organic Intelligence and other leading voice and body methods with one of the the world’s leading international voice and acting coach Helena Walsh covering:  Monologues, Scene Work, Audition Technique as well as Character Building for Stage & Screen.

We will use these techniques to build resilience in the mind & body so that the imagination can be free to create a more energised and vibrant sense of self, character & story telling.  This resilience will make it easier to risk in life, in an audition, in the rehearsal room, on set & on stage.

Plus Acting Masterclasses & coaching with Acting Coach WAPPA, Australia, Director, Writer & Artist, CHRIS EDMUND & L.A. acting Coach, Crash Acting L.A, Head of Production Seine Pictures, BENJAMIN MATHES.

Not only that, Ben will also be giving his 4 week “YOU, THE CAREER” workshop to help you totally rethink how you grow your career in what is one of the most demanding industries in the world so that you stay in control!

Acting Masterclass with Benjamin Mathes

This is a scene study-based guerilla approach to acting. The scene work is about being in and experiencing the story, building a belief in story through specific tools given by Ben to give you an unshakable craft so that you can risk, be dangerous and more creative as the actors in the incarnate experience of your character.

This workshop reminds you that performance is a physical, spiritual, and intellectual act of creation and that you are up for the challenge.  Assiduously observant, unapologetically passionate, Benjamin Mathes brings his practice of presence and honesty into monologue work and group exercises, and gives participants permission and guidance to discover their inspiration and strength.”

~ Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Actor / Writer / Director

Co-Founder “Then This Theatre Company”

Associate artist with P.I.C.T. Classic Theatre

“You, The Career” Workshop with Benjamin Mathes

Every actor has a blind spot in their career…..Based on the top-selling book, “You, the Career, this is the only comprehensive career approach to be hosted by SAG/AFTRA, and is the most in-depth approach to an actor’s career in Hollywood….

This 4 week in-depth workshop meets Tuesday evening from 5pm to 9pm for 4 consecutive weeks through a Zoom call with Benjamin Mathes and during it, you will:..

    – get out of the Corporate Economy, and into the Creative Economy. identify & bust through EVERY block holding you back.
    – master proven strategies for professional, personal, and artistic growth.
    – conquer the social media of it all. get from where you are, to where you want to be.
    – meet some of the coolest people in the city and broaden your COMMUNITY.
    – laugh, cry, think, feel, dream…repeat.seriously revolutionize your ACTING CAREER..

Each participant will receive:…

    – a 130 page workbook only available to participants
    – a 25 page Actor Tool Kit with useful tracking methods & reading lists.
    – the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, and contact for over 200 Casting directors in LA AND NYC.insights, exercises, research techniques,
    – networking solutions guaranteed to ignite your career
    – 16 hours of extensive small group career guidance
    – an hour-long one-on-one CAREER CONSULTATION with Crash Acting founder Benjamin Mathes at a discounted rate

Our Aim

The Actor’s Practice is an experiential process from which the individual builds an intimate relationship with their unique creative process and being. It is about the actors evolution and transformation through their life and art, so they embody their craft in a way that can affect change on others and their community

These 10 weeks will explore your communication and connection with yourself, your character and your scene partner. The work on self will be the anchor, the inspiration from which character will emerge and expression with the other will be enlivened. The work will begin a dialogue between you, your creative process and your relationship with society as a whole.

What we will work on:

    – Fight / Flight / Freeze response / Personal & Performance Anxiety.
    – Self Empowerment & Mental Well Being.How to be a healthy actor in mind & Body
    – Increased Creativity through working with flow & energy in the body and connecting that to monologue & scene work.
    – Having a Practice and a Process you can apply to your life and your art.
    – How to build a character in your own subtle and unique way
    – Learning to embrace failure as a moment for potential and growth.
    – Learning to trust your own creative impulses so that you can feel more comfortable in the unknown and therefore offer a director your own unique interpretation of any given moment.

There is no communication apart from listening.  Listening is the foundation on which all communication of self & story is built and you will learn skills to become more aware of the power of your own listening to yourself, your characters, scene partners & others.

Acting Masterclass with Chris Edmund

There is not one job that I do when I’m not using one of the pearls of wisdom that Chris gave us. He was a very influential director, teacher and writer

– Hugh Jackman

In my workshops and teaching, I try, in a supportive, creative atmosphere and environment, to explore the notions of truth and authenticity in the acting process. As people, we build up defences and armour to deal with life but success as an actor depends on being open, free, receptive and vulnerable.

I believe that by allowing the valves of feeling to open, committing to scrupulous analysis of text for acting clues, being in relationship and close contact with one’s scene partner and allowing heart into the work can bring formidable and often unexpected results.I have had forty years of experience worldwide as a teacher and director and remain passionate and questing in my commitment to nurturing actors to develop and further their craft and evolve as dynamic, resourceful, skilled and successful artists.”

~ Chris Edmund

About Benjamin Mathes

Benjamin has been an actor for over 20 years. On film, television, and stage he has worked with artists such as Academy Award winning director Clint Eastwood, Academy Award winning actor Alan Arkin, Sam Raimi, Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, Chris Rock, and Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer. He received his MFA in Acting from the University of California-Irvine.
He serves as Head of Production for Seine Pictures, a film finance and production company in Hollywood, overseeing the creative development and production of each film. Recently, he Executive Produced the dark comedy, MURDER OF A CAT (starring Greg Kinnear, JK Simmons, and Nikki Reed), and the biopic, PELE (in partnership with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment).
As a teacher, he has been on faculty or taught workshops at Auburn University, Cal State Northridge, University of San Diego, University of Lima, Peru, Catholic University of Lima, Theatre of Arts in Hollywood, UC-Irvine, and the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab. He is a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, and has served as vocal and dialect coach for major motion pictures, network television, and theatres around the country.
His acting studio, CRASH, inspires a guerrilla approach to acting driven by the idea that service is the context for artistic greatness. His students have been nominated or awarded Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Ovation Awards, and have appeared on Broadway, as guest stars and series regulars on television, and in major motion pictures. Further, his studio has helped raised thousands of dollars for charities worldwide.
To find out more about Benjamin Mathes and his inspiring teaching and approach to life in general take a look at his website.
Benjamin also is founder and director of urban confessional _- A Free Listening Movement . www.urbanconfessional.org.


Chris Edmund is a director, teacher, writer & painter based in Australia.He was Head of the Acting Department at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where he had a major role in developing the world renowned acting and directing training for over 25 years.Over the period he spent at the Academy he directed over 100 productions of a range of classical, contemporary and new plays.He championed new writing, commissioned works from leading writers and brought in directors of national and international standing.

He was active in positioning his course internationally and visited Hong Kong, Dublin, Paris, London, Havana, St Petersburg and Moscow to set up exchanges between other Theatre schools and Theatre companies. Chris wrote and devised a series of major plays which were superbly reviewed and have been published.  ‘Society needs work such as Edmund’s, theatre that compels us to question what those in power are doing in our names’ Neville Cohn reviewing ‘The Butcher’s Dance.’

Actors trained under his guidance include Hugh Jackman, Frances O’Connor and Jai Courtney.

There is not one job that I do when I’m not using one of the pearls of wisdom that Chris gave us. He was a very influential director, teacher and writer”

– Hugh Jackman.

Chris is a published playwright with his work receiving high critical acclaim and as a painter he has had several exhibitions. He has directed over 150 productions worldwide including works in London (Gate Theatre (Comic Pictures, Loonies), Riverside Studios (The Sea), Hong Kong (APA The Cherry Orchard, The Caucasian Chalk Circle), Dublin (Dirty Laundry) Sao Paulo, Brazil, ( Redemption) and Singapore. (History of the Jade Chopsticks) His work ‘Dirty Laundry’ which I wrote and directed from a commission by the National Theatre School of Ireland, was performed at the Smock Alley Theatre Dublin in July 2014

In 2015, Hugh Jackman, in New York, honoured Chris with a scholarship in my name, The Chris Edmund Performing Arts Scholarship. Chris presented the scholarship at a WAAPA ceremony in October 2015.

In 2015 Chris visited Mumbai to teach a series of workshops for leading Indian actors and was The Pronouncer on the highly successful Channel Ten reality show The Great Australian Spelling Bee, for which he was a Logie nominee.

His most recent work ‘Bacon and Eggs’ was performed at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney receiving superb reviews. The Sydney Arts Guide commented: “I see up to six shows a week and while it’s rare to find a dud on the Sydney theatre scene, it’s just as rare to have an experience that is so odd and wonderful that I almost don’t want to share. Bacon and Eggs, at the Old Fitz Theatre, is this moment for me.”

Bacon and Eggs available for performance here as are his plays ‘The Butcher’s Dance’, ‘Before I Get Old’ and ‘The Devil’s Tunic’. His play ‘Paradise” is published in NYC by Playscripts, Inc.

“Taut, witty, intelligent, and emotionally compelling with complex and fascinating characters” ~ Hugh Jackman commenting on Paradise.

In 2016 and 2017 Chris recorded a new series of The Great Australian Spelling Bee and worked at the V.C.A and Sixteenth Street in Melbourne and the ATYP in Sydney.

In 2018 he was commissioned to write and direct a new theatre work for the City of Geraldton in Western Australia to be premiered in June 2019.

Also in 2018 he worked in Vancouver as Voice Director on seasons two and three of Netflix Emmy Award winning show ‘Beat Bugs’ and also in Los Angeles on ‘Motown Magic’ he worked

as Voice Director on both shows in Sydney, for their release on Channel 7, Australia. For more info on Chris See his website at www.chris-edmund.com