Well Being for Actors Programme & Free Listening

Our Well being for Actors Programme is an initiative to start creating a Healthy Artistic Community in Ireland.

– We have MINDFULNESS WORKSHOPS led by Helena Walsh, the next one is on Thurs 28th Feb 10am at Helena Walsh Voice & Acting Studio.  This workshop is free for actors to attend.  Any donations will go to Focus Ireland.

Based on the work of Steven Hoskinson, Organic Intelligence & the practice of “Free Listening”, you will spend this workshop working with different skills that will help alleviate stress & anxiety.

We will work with the fight / flight / freeze responses which an actor goes through in an audition or when getting up to perform on stage or on set. This day will give you the practical tools that you can incorporate into your daily / weekly / monthly practice in order to change and transform anxiety & stress.

Organic Intelligence brings a feeling of ease, enjoyment and pleasure to the present moment and acts as a springboard from which to communicate with confidence and conviction. The work brings a powerful sense of stability and acts as an anchor for your experience from which you will find a connected and authentic voice. OI is a unique theory and clinical practise of human empowerment, resiliency, and compassion to resolve the effects of stress and anxiety. This work helps the speaker turn nervous energy and anxiety into a source of empowerment and grounded self expression.
For more information on organic intelligence see

FREE LISTENING every Fridays at 12.30pm at the Spire, O Connell Street, Dublin

– Monthly FIREFLY MUSIC SESSION at the Helena Walsh Voice Studio! Next one is 1st March at 8pm! Bring an instrument if you want to join in the jamming session or just come along to relax and unwind with fellow artists!

– There is organised Walks at the last Sunday of the month with THE ARTISTS WALKING CLUB with Samuel McGovern. Next one is Sunday 24th February at Marley Park!

– We also have weekly Basketball practice starting up too with Patrick Flannery!

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Join us each Friday at the Spire, Dublin at 12.30pm to offer the Gift of Listening to someone who needs to be heard.

It’s our mission to get the message of non-judgemental, compassionate listening to the world.

The idea of free listening is the brainchild of Ben Mathes of urbanconfessional.org and one of our guest teachers, who comes over biannually to co-teach with Helena at our Acting & Surfing Workshop.

Born on the streets of Los Angeles, California, Urban Confessional began as a community of actors determined to challenge the status quo. Every week, they stood on street corners in LA with signs that read “Free Listening” and opened their hearts to anyone who needed to laugh, cry, scream, or chat. Over the years, the community has grown to include people from all walks of life across 6 continents, 50 countries, and 40 states.

Everyone has a right to be heard and the message behind this movement is compassionate and non-judgemental listening, to give a person your full attention irrespective of their opinion and meet them as an equal all while remembering what they have to say matters.

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Urban Confessional started the free listening project and the community has grown to include people from all walks of life across 6 continents, 50 countries, and 40 states. Click here to see more on the movement.