The Art of Leadership

Empowering leaders
to be more innovative, creative, collaborative and compassionate.
If you want to unlock a deep, sustainable, next level form of leadership, this course is for you

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Inspire a coherent, collective voice

Feel your purpose, integrity and dignity in your intention as you express what matters most to you, your team and organisation.

Bring a new standard of listening and communication to the teams you lead

Compassionate leadership driven by a fierce integrity rooted in equality, diversity and inclusion will result in an empowered, inspired, resilient and revolutionary collaborative leadership.

Create and easily implement a resilient programme of wellbeing and self - care

The mental health and well being of you and your task force is paramount at this time.  Your ability to communicate with ease, compassionate intention and clarity of vision will foster trust, confidence and innovation.

Bring out the warrior in you and the genius in them. 

Learning to attune to your intuition will build trust within, without, with others and from this creativity will flow.  This is where the magic lies. 

Create a creative collective mindset at work 

Who you are and what kind of presence you bring to the room can move team relationships from transactional to transformational. 

-  Learn how to create the conditions for a creative collective mindset with tools drawn from the worlds of the performing arts, organic intelligence and neurosystemics.


Foster a liberation of diversity and equity in your organisation

I created the Art of Leadership for leaders like you, those who wish to change and challenge the status quo, foster diversity and create more equity in their organisations at every level where everyone is seen and heard.

People like you who know that innovative ideas flow from a diversity of ideas  and a creative, collective model and wish to move away from the transactional individual model. 

Why I created this programme 


Many of my clients were frustrated by the lack of collaboration, compassion, inclusion, diversity and equality in the organisations they work in. Many felt unseen and unheard, were burnt out and had no wellbeing and resiliency support. Now within these radical times, working environments have become even more complex. 


My clients come to me wanting to feel more essential in the workplace in all aspects 

My business clients were drawn to the need to work on their voices, their well being, their resiliency, their empowerment of their authentic liberated selves in order to liberate the collective. In particular those who wish to create projects that foster sustainable community in a compassionate way through social justice and social movements.  

Middle management who felt over-whelmed by the multiple roles they were being asked to take on.  Reluctant leaders who have leadership qualities but need the skills and craft and art of leadership to begin to believe.  LGBTQIA+ community, who wish to be advocates of change and transformation in their organisation.  Women, who wish to be acknowledged and empowered in the strengths they already possess and the intuition they already have to lead collectively.  

Each of these groups of people possess within them already, what they need to be empowered collective leaders.  Their style of communication, which is naturally built upon listening, creativity and collaboration, is often overshadowed within an environment of opinion, transaction and individualism.  It takes a huge perspective shift for many, to step comfortably into the role of leader.  But we know that very struggle we have been through in asserting who we are in the world, is the most powerful in creating compassionate and collective change, as it is driven by not " I " but "WE” and that change takes time and practice.

I am looking someone who wishes to transform into more of who you already are and therefore affect long lasting transformation on your environment, teams and organisations.  Essentially change the world for the better in a way that aligns with your mission, vision and integrity.

"The work we have done has transformed my life. I am a healthier, more whole, balanced and responsive person in all spheres of my life. I have developed as a business leader in Banking and Neurodiversity champion.

 I am now much better able to be present in an alive and grounded way. I now respond to, lead from and express from a more deeply rooted creative source more divinely inspired, driven by the greater good.  The work has been increasingly moving me, without me mentally doing it, from “doing” to “being”. As a person with ADHD this is an amazing outcome because the rush for dopamine drives a tendency for “doing” and “achieving”.  Another major benefit of the work is that I have learned to “be” with people in close interactions and relationships, which has enabled me to grow in a way that I could not in my work and personal life.  I strongly recommend anyone in business working with Helena.  ” 

Ronan McGovern, Co-Founder/ Editor / Writer at NDGiFTS Movement (NeuroDiversity Giving individuals Full Team Success) and Head of Strategy, AIB

"I have been on many leadership trainings in my life, but never one quite like The Art of Leadership Course with Helena Walsh. This Course connects you with your body, its sensations, it grounds you, helps you release stress, and gain a new level of self-consciousness. Usually, leadership training teaches you about strategy, communication techniques and ways to work with people, you learn how to make others feel safe so that they follow. This course was all about the leader, not from the mental, and strategic point of view, but from the body point of view. I realized how important it is for a leader to have a way to release stress regularly and make yourself feel safe and secure. Being connected with your body increases your presence and trustworthiness without saying much. And that is an ability of a true leader, all other skills just add to it, but no skills will ever compensate for the internal stability.
Helena is a great teacher and has brought us in contact with our breath and body naturally and quickly. The way she explained the body and breath concept and connected us with nature and the core of ourselves was great. She created a safe environment for all of us to open up and follow her on the journey to a new level of self-consciousness, that helps us lead with who we are and not what our business cards say we are.”


Helena knows how to help her clients achieve their goals

Because of her 25 years as a leader, innovator and in the last years entrepreneur, business women and maverick in the arts world internationally.

Helena has designed this deeply empowering and radicle Art of Leadership programme inspired from decades of embodied practice and research.

This course is one of a kind, bringing together a team of facilitators who reflect a paradigm shift in leadership.  Encouraging the collective, empowering creativity through collaboration so your team or community evolve and grow with more unity, inclusion and diversity.

She designs human empowerment and resiliency programmes for the corporate world and works with start-ups and corporations like Google. Her clients come from eBay, Linkedin, AIB, Facebook, Henry J Lyons and many more


The key to unlocking Creativity, Intuition and Innovation

Helena’s decades of experience training actors for film and theatre, assisting as a voice and acting coach on countless productions, directing international conferences where people from all over the world gathered to find and raise their voices for change.  This means she is unique in her skill set as a leader, a bridge between two worlds, the arts world and the corporate world.

Bridging these two worlds is the key to unlocking living in a more sustainable, compassionate and creative environment and community moving forward.

Plus her training as a human empowerment and resiliency coach has deepened her understanding of trauma and anxiety in the body.  In her training in Organic Intelligence®, Helena has deepened her understanding that under the right conditions, individuals and the collective will evolve and adapt with ease to any given environment.  

This ability to evolve and adapt with flexibility, attunement and coherence are the foundations on which we will build a more sustainable future for all. 

Just like our knowledge that the earth's nature is a living self regulating entity when given the right conditions, so too is human nature and human communities.  

Meet your leadership coaching dream team

Helena Walsh is teaming up with world renowned psychologists, wellbeing and mindfulness and trauma relief experts to keep you at the top of your game in these unprecedented times.  

We're very excited to have world renowned trauma therapist, Steve Hoskinson join us for a live weekend webinar and Q&A

Steve Hoskinson is the founder of Organic Intelligence® and has trained thousands of trauma therapists, health professionals, mindfulness experts, and teachers. He presents at conferences worldwide, is Adjunct Faculty for JFK University’s Somatic Psychology program, a founding member of the Northern California Society for Integrative Mental Health and the International Transformational Resilience Coalition, and he hosts the podcast series, “The End of Trauma.”

Plus you'll get to experience the power of collective transformation with  mindfulness and trauma relief expert Boaz Feldman

Boaz Feldman is an experienced psychologist and trainer acting for worldwide positive change, having spend over 15 years training in mindfulness including as a Buddhist Monk as well as intervening as a trauma-relief expert for Doctors Without Borders in a variety of humanitarian contexts such as conflict-affected regions.  He co-founded the Swiss Institute of Mindfulness and the NeuroSystemics methodology, a community-based methodology bridging ancient wisdom traditions, evolutionary neurosciences and systemic understanding to offer integrative path to resilient healing, passionate living and awakening.  

Here's what to expect:

  • Each week you'll get to discover the power of using Organic Intelligence® as a leader which uses methods drawn from the wisdom of mindfulness and the science of self organisation.  This is based on the science of complex systems integrating the fields of psychology, biology, anthropology and neurology.
  • You will be introduced to Fitzmaurice Voicework®, a holistic approach to empowering your voice, which focuses on empowering an authentic, integrated, clear, and empowered expression in any and all circumstances. 
  • Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework® will offer you the practice you need to be in tune and attuned to the variety of environments, people and complexity you find yourself in.
  • The work will focus on the embodied art of storytelling as a potent and powerful tool  to change, evolve and inspire those you lead.  

"The Art of Leadership" was a deeply transformative experience at so many levels. It was different, unique & beautifully cathartic. It empowered a diverse group of people by giving them time and space to unfold, with their own rhythm, their own stream of consciousness, their own words and thoughts. I'm proud to say I was part of such group. First of all, this course has made me realize the deeper meaning of "being a leader": thanks to Helena's compassionate guidance, through her inspiring yet practical exercises and through her kind and open approach, I understood how each and everyone of us should and can be a leader of their own life. We should all lead our dreams, our projects, small or big, our daily schedules and how we deal with them. Also, even more importantly, we should feel leaders among leaders, as leading really means inspiring someone and helping them to grow and thrive. Leading means being a part of a community that allows the creation of a safe place, where each individual can share their own personal story and feel seen and heard, but also respected when a decision is made to remain silent, to enjoy moments of deep inner reflection and rest: this is what happened working with this group of people, which in a way became a team. A team of Leaders. Helena, our guide and mentor in this journey, has an unique gift: she lights "a fire" within the group thanks to her knowledge, sensitivity and active kindness, and she lets every person join in, amplifying the beneficial impact of communal work and effort, by speaking a language that sounds universal yet deeply personal. I've seen people unfolding with grace and humor, we all laughed, we "danced" with words, emotions and intentions, we cried and laughed and created a deeply humane bond that seemed as natural as water, but yet grounded as the soil. It was an experience I would recommend to anyone: from a person who only wants to lead their own art, their own garden, their own daily intentions to people who actively lead big teams in their job and want to find a compassionate tool to connect and establish work relationships made of trust and deeper understanding. This course guides you to embody your own leadership form and cultivate it. If you'd like to become an artist of compassionate leadership, this course is exactly what you should try, and Helena is exactly who you're looking for. You will end this journey feeling liberated, elevated and empowered, as an individual but also as part of a bigger picture. Thank you, Helena..  ” 

~ Gianluca Tettamanti, Visual Design Senior Analyst presso Accenture

This is a great programme to develop a leadership skillset where you can shift quickly from the practice of being to the practice of doing. This has many benefits. It makes your leadership style more focussed, productive, reduces significantly personal stress and allows you to be more resilent in the face of stubborn challenges. It also allows you to be present in your personal life with your family and friends. To be highly recommended for those that want to develop a genuine and authentic leadership style.  

~ Tom Walsh, CEO Rentech AB


Here's everything that's included

  • 20 hours of live empowerment classes with your human empowerment and resiliency coach, Helena Walsh
  • Mid Week support with empowerment and resiliency guided practices, expertly guided by Helena Walsh using a variety of embodied somatic experiencing techniques including Organic Intelligence® and NeurosystemicsTM
  • One to one coaching sessions with Helena Walsh
  • Each week, all the classes are recorded along with guided practices for you to further your self study.
  • Each week, you will have access to an online library of resources and videos from the classes via an interactive App
  • Weekly personalised feedback with Helena Walsh on your questions and process.
  • Live Weekend Webinar and Q & A with world renowned trauma therapist Steve Hoskinson

Here's how this works

  • This 10 week course starts September 20th until December 3rd 2021
  • You'll meet with Helena Walsh three times a week for 10 weeks via Zoom

- at the start of your week on Monday 5.30pm to 7pm (GMT+1) for leadership coaching

- midweek on Wednesday, you'll get guided practices so that you'll be grounded and supported throughout your week

- at the end of your week on Friday 5.30pm to 7pm (GMT+1) for leadership coaching

  • Live Weekend Webinar and Q & A with Steve Hoskinson 
  • Personalised One to one coaching sessions with Helena Walsh will be facilitated.  
  • All classes are recorded so if you can't attend live, you will be able to catch up on what you missed.  
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